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  Economy Debate  

The Brain Storm Session 

1st participant :  We need to profound solution to 
this Economic Challenge. Who has an idea, 
mean a workable idea ?
2nd participant : I have an idea.
1st participant : Let's have it.
2nd participant :  Ransom Economy
1st participant :   No 
2nd participant :  Generator Economy
1st participant : No  
2nd participant : A Feeding Bottle Economy
1st participant :  How do you mean ?
2nd participant : Feeding people like babies. 
1st participant :  No.
2nd participant :  Then it should be 
Sorcery Economy.
1st participant :  No. 
3rd participant : I think, it is Technology
  1st participant : Uhmmm, enlighten us.
3rd participant : Take a look at what Technology 
has been able to do in all advanced 
4th person : I even came across this 
"Innovative Brand" for unbundling 
Telecommunication Network Roll-out.
See the link here .

to be continued ...........
  Conversation Corner  

1st person : Did you see that post ?
2nd person : What post ?
1st person : About one Euphemism camp.
Check it here  Enter here  
1st person : Did you also read about the 
Banking Operations ?
2nd person : I did, but that sounds like a well
played out "Wonder Bank".
1st person : What about the results on the 
Database search ?
2nd person : I also follow up on that, and considering 
several billions of naira made available to 
the team, uhmmm.

1st person  : I stumble upon this Telecoms Brand,
2nd person : What Telecoms Brand ?
1st person : F.T.N
Fodcom Telecommunications Network.
To access this, tap F.T.N link below 
   F T N  

to be continued .....
  Conversation Corner  

Group discussion ...
1st person : Before anything else, let's try to 
get some wisdom....
2nd person : That sounds good, so how ?
1st person : Let's start with the wisdom chest.
Let's open it. Tap open and input passcode
3rd person : What is the code ?
1st person : Use code : youaregreat 

o be continued .......
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