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   Evaluating Financial Integrity   
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Other Facts 

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to be continued ...
Guest : What is happening here ?
Host : These people are here to join the 
Facts Finding Team.
Guest :  Ok, get it.
  Wisdom Chest  

A group discussion.
The host :  I think for now, we need to get
some more wisdom.
1st participant :  I noticed that a page is removed.
Host :  What page is that ?
1st participant :  That page about people on queue,
waiting to obtain CBN account numbers.
Host : Oh that, yes it was removed because of, 
non-compliant, breach of trust, lack of 
transparency, frivolous request and spending,
and more importantly financial integrity deficit.
1st participant : Ok, get it.
Host : Let me introduce to you this chest.
2nd participant :  What chest are you talking about ?
Host :  I am talking about "Wisdom Chest"
4th participant :  Enlighten us about it.
Host :  Let me give you a link to access it. 
Just tap on the door and ask.
2nd participant :  How do you mean ?
Host : I mean, you tap on open door, 
and input the passcode.
3rd participant :  What is the passcode ?
Host :  wisequotes 
4th participant : Ok, get it.
Host :  And for the Fodcom Tv members zone,
use passcode :  

  Fodcom Tv  

see you there ....... 

Finally, we are going to have a 
Technology City. 
We get an I.T Campus
Click enter to view.

And click Code Number to view
 other facilities like ..
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   Business Tycoon   

   Financial Portfolio  
A group discussion after
a presentation on Emerging Economy,
And Wealth Creation.
from what we have seen here,
i think we can better understand the 
Financial Position And Shares Value 
of the holdings.
You mean Fodcom Holdings ?
Yes, you are correct.
But the presentation point to a link.
Yes, link to quick access to  
Full Financial Package,
you simply punch the Enter button.
Fodcom Tv
  Digital Money, Audio Money  

A group discussion after a seminar.
1st person  :  Let me ask you a question.
2nd person :  What question ?
1st person :  What do you understand by 
Digital money, and Audio money ?
3rd person :  I think Digital money is money
you have in some certified Digital wallets or
Digital vaults.
 1st person :  Does that include stolen money,
loots, ransome, overnight riches or .... ?
3rd person :  No. I mean money that is earned, 
money saved and or funded, and kept in safe 
and certified financial Digital vault/wallet.
1st person :  Okay. What about Audio money.
4th person :  That is a commonly used among
the scammers and it simply means, 
money which has no record of earnings, 
no history of transaction, no real person 
is involved in any traceable activity, which
 can bring about income earnings either,
direct income or indirect income as the
case maybe. Infact, this Audio money 
is one of the format
of some fraud syndicate.

to be continued ...

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  Facts Corner  

So what happened to the 
Funds and Assets ?
What funds and assets are you 
talking about ?


For Facts breakdown, 
click view to access the Full Financial Facts.


to be continued ......
   Conversation Corner   

4th person :  He asked me, What is the
highest possible position a man can
attain on the planet earth ?
5th person :  Do you mean highest position ?
6th person : It is the office of local govt.
chairman in our town.
1st person :  No.
7th person :  Then, it should be the office of the
governor in my state.
1st person :  No, you put him/her in the office
through election, which lasts for 4 years,
maybe at most 8 years. And after, another
person will occupy the seat/office.
8th person :  I think, it should be the office of our
king in our village in africa.
1st person :  No. He rules over his people, 
tribe and town. His limited jurisdiction.
7th person :  It should be the office of our
pastor in our church.
1st person :  No. He is a teacher of holy books.
9th person :  I am thinking, it should be the office
of our imam, i mean the chief imam.
1st person :  No. He is also a teacher of holy books.
10th person :  Yes, i get it. It is the office of the 
President of our country ?
1st person :  What country is that ?
10th person :  Nigeria in Africa
1st person :  No. The president office is also a
politically elected office, to last 4 years,
at most 8 years, and then another person
will occupy the office and the seat.
11th person :  Wow, i am confused. 
What position is it ?   

to be continued ..........

Conversation between friends. 

2nd Person : Wow friends, can you believe, 
that my suitcase containing all of my 
 "Certified Financial Instruments, payments, 
funds, promissory notes, Bond, 
 Financial Warrants and payment cards,
have been stolen ?
1st Person : What ? you mean stolen ? 
2nd Person : Yes, stolen ? 
3rd Person : But, by who ? 
1st Person :  Who issued the confidential documents ? 
2nd Person :  You mean who ? 

3rd Person : Go Digital !!! 

Ladies and Gentlemen ! 
Let me use this opportunity 
to introduce to you, 
these new products in the marketplace. 
It is, it is ..... 
 Digital Products 

 1, 2, 3, ..., Go


Come and see this new product. 
What product ? 
It is a Bank Prepaid Card 
What brand ? 
It is a mastercard, acceptable on any 
 online payment site, that accepts 
mastercard, paypal..... 
You can place your order now. 
 Wait, let me see it well. 
Simply click Bank Prepaid Card 
 to access the product. 
Don't forget to write review on this product.

Yes, this Bank Prepaid Card 
 will be useful for our next project. 
I think we should order it now.
Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Caps, Glasses, Accessories And More .... 
 Coming Soon !!!
  Beauty and Styles 

 Gadgets Market  

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